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Talent Mgmt Software

For Booking, Scheduling & Invoicing

eliminate double work

Manage artists schedules, create deal memos, and generate invoices -
all from one data source.
Manage your talent's working dates with ease. Post travel dates, prep days, working days and more.
Deal Memos
Automate contracts and deal memos. Choose from a set of custom templates to handle any agreement.
Invoice clients, track account receivables, record artist payments, and export data for Quickbooks ® use.
File Manager
Archive signed contracts and deal memos. Attach receipts to each job and keep files organized.

Other Features

Organize clients and contacts in a searchable database.
Generate reports for agent perfomance, artist dues, client statements, payment reports and much more.
Secure Cloud Hosting
Your data is important and we backup your content. Being in the cloud means access from anywhere and on any web-capable device.
Customize contracts, invoices, and talent schedules with your corporate identity.
Dedicated Support
If ever you’re stuck and in need of help, just give us a call.
Highly Customizable
Every agency works differently. Our team will work hard to identify your needs and improve the experience for your agency.

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